Why Touch 10,000 Lives?

10,000 lives

Why Touch 10,000 Lives?

10,000 lives

I really don’t know.

It sounds cool and catchy though, like, insssppuuyyrrrr 10,000, yeah!

Still I don’t know, its just that it is something mysterious, something inner. There’s always this incomparable satisfaction I get every time  I share some insights or stories to someone and they would have this huge bright anime-eyes, and wide smile, or sometimes would shake their head – crosswise – either in disbelief and regret and – lengthwise – as they understood. Moreover, I really melt inside when they would come back to me some time after and tell me the sincerest “thank you” and share what marvelous thing happened. And like a shot of morphine, it keeps me going and looking for more and more and more. And I believe 10,000 is more and more.

How I came up with my inspiring people is still a mystery to me. How I feel so awesome in doing it, no idea. It’s as if it’s something I am born with, or I am born for. Thus, here comes the word – core gift. I have been thinking over and over about this and no doubt this is it. How to figure out your core gift? Simple, its something you do for someone else even if it is your last day on earth. And I’m pretty sure this is what I will do.

And how am I going to do that? I shared in my 90-day challenge blog in the post Jack of All Trades Master of None how I ended up with motivational speaking. Among the various talents God has given me – ahem – one that is something I can easily do and match with inspiring people is motivational speaking. Take note, easily do. I may not be the best at it – as of the moment – but it is something I can easily do.

The same with all the great athletes and personality – Bo Sanchez, Zig Ziglar, Jimmy Page, Warren Buffet, Manny Pacquaio, and Sponge Bob. Why they end up becoming who they are, a great speaker, salesman, guitarist, investor, boxer, and funny-stupid is because it’s there all along. They figured out what they LOVE TO DO and can EASILY DO. And what they do brings impact to other people, leaves a mark of significance to peoples lives! (Crash out Sponge Bob on this). And for me my mark of significance is how I make someone feel good and make the best life ever.

And last, why 10,000?

Aside from the fact that each neuron in the brain connects to 10,000 others, that it took 10,000 balloons to make the house fly in the movie UP, and the Army of 10,000 Greek Mercenaries who fought against the Persian Shah Artaxerxes II, it was the success principle 10,000 hours to greatness by Malcolm Gladwell as presented by Bo Sanchez in his article Give Your 10,000 Hours and You Will Succeed that made me seek this goal. I am not the best yet in motivational speaking but as I inspire and practice through 10,000 lives then can I succeed.

But definitely, Inspiring 10,000 Lives sounds cool right?



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