Your Language Determines Your Reality

Speak Same Language

Your Language Determines Your Reality

It’s funny how I was able to train myself to “categorize” people according to their choice of words. Oh, it’s not about judging them – defensive eh? (Please don’t judge me! Haha) It’s basically identifying what their status is and how I can best communicate to them.

Here’s a list of thoughts – the language I mean doesn’t necessarily be words or dialects, it’s more on the thoughts and how they are expressed – that when used by people I can say, we speak the same language. In some times, I use the term, “with the same frequency.” Read the list on.

PS. If as you read these words, you fully understand it and it rings a bell in your heart, just imagine the sparkle in my eyes!


“Emotional Why”
“Big Dreams”
“Okay, let’s attract it”
“This is so radical!”
“You harvest what you plant”
“Tomoh! Because we belong to the one percent!”


“Psychological Wallet”
“Money management: Invest, savings, spending, and


“Dream Team”
“Toxic People”
“Energy Vampires”
“I am complete”
“Change is an inside job”
“I don’t need you, but I choose to be with you”


“Listen to your body”
“Raw Food”
“Savasana – my favorite pose”
“I am not my body, I am in a body”
“Fix the blockages”


“Love is all there is”
“God’s will”
“This is not a coincidence”
“Everything is energy”
“Believe it, to see it”
“Haha, you asked for it”
“There is a purpose for this”
“Everything is perfect”
“Choose the higher self”

How do you know if you speak the same language?

Of course, you use these terms in your everyday language!

Here’s the shocking part.

100% of the time, the people that I hear these words from are always: entrepreneurs, speakers, CEOs, leaders, life coaches, game changer, and visionaries! In other words, success is in their name!


If we speak the same language, let’s connect more often! This is not an accident!

If however some terms are still uneasy, awkward, and rough for you, be excited because it is not an accident that they have come to your awareness. Hang around with more people with the same frequencies and you surely will elevate in no time!

Live in Love,

PS. Who among you speak the same language?

Leave a comment below so other people with the same frequencies can connect more with you!

Comment below So I can collate the profile of everyone who speaks our language! Count yourself in NOW!



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