WELCOME  2020!
Here's a quick timeline of my #thecreativelife journey!
At 20, I graduated with the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.
Three weeks after my graduation, I went to my first day of corporate work as a Training Officer in a big retail chain store.
At 22, I was promoted as a Customer Service Manager Trainee, and was handling a whole floor.
At 23, I quit my job, to pursue my "passion".
At 24, I ventured to entrepreneurship and organizing self-development events.
At 25, I published my first book, "Rich Real Radical"
A few months after that, true to my age, I had a quarter life crisis.
I went into a spritual journey with energy healing in Palawan.
Went into an ego-death.
Practiced yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet.
My 2016 - Filmmaker Reel

At 26, found my vocation as a filmmaker. Started Studio Inspiro.
Shot my first documentary, and short films.
At 28, I got a film scholarship at Film and Media Arts International Academy.
At 29, I married my best friend for 15 years - Kathleen Gail.
and now at 30, my journey continues in bringing stories that bring impact to people.
My 2018 Event Video Reel
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