A Powerful "New Normal" Business Tool
The recent pandemic has affected us all. However, we are a strong believer that in the most difficult times lie great opportunities to be better or even to start anew. 
Through this we have re-aligned probably one of the most powerful tool for your business or organization to come back strong in this new normal - your Video Business Card.
Have you explained your business to people one by one a thousand times?
Have you made business presentations in PDF or Powerpoint that left audience unimpressed?
Have you ever dreamed of a tool that continues to market your business while you're meeting with other clients, or even while you're sleeping - dreaming?
A high-quality 2-3 minute short film about you - WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHO is your target customer or clients weaved in a compelling story and strong visuals that engages the audience.
Benefits of Video Business Card:
- Video is real - real stories, real people, real results - this builds credibility
- Brings Brand-Awareness that also drives sales
- Use the power of one hundred sales people all in one
- Video engages - it creates relationship. Your clients, prospects, customers, and donors will get to know you FIRST even before meeting you
- Spend more time on sales and building relationships rather than sales calls, flyers and leaflets
- Imagine sending your VBC to a supplier's bidding!
- Stand-out from competitors with a captivating video (especially during Trade Fairs!)
Video Business Cards We have Produced
Goal: Present the top-of-the line safety protocols both for employees and buyers with their commitment to serve. And showcase Be Residence's projects and customer experience.
Goal: Present high-quality handmade empanada perfected by Tita Belen as her legacy of sharing a hearty pastry that brings families together
Goal: Present all the event planning services offered and showcase the entire process depicting professionalism and commitment
YTY Digital Print
Goal: Present the company's technical capabilities and achievements to a very targeted niche in the global printing industry.
Of course, we wouldn't let this pass unless you've seen our very first "example" video that brought all these other videos to sign-up for their own.
Let's Get this Started:
1. First, we do a discovery meeting (or conference call) so we can get to know you and your business more and strategize how VBC can solve your problems and help the business grow.
2. From that, we derive an outline, talk about the keywords, themes, branding elements and lock in the production plan
3. The best part- shooting!
4. Finally, post - production (editing, color correction and grading,  and sound design) and delivery.
Together let's bring your business to a whole new level!
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