Continuing our creative journey with Be Groups, the second installment of the "Be + Art" series brings the magic of music to the forefront.
Client: Be Mactan, part of the luxurious Be Resorts, a tropical paradise where every moment is a delightful orchestration of experiences.
Series: "Be + Art" - blending art and corporate storytelling with the core value of being exceptional.
Project Overview: From dance, we transition to music in this video, collaborating with top musical arranger Homer Cang from Cebu City. Together, we crafted an original score that features a catchy melody and refreshing vibes, brought to life by the enchanting violin performance of Melissa Cipres, famously known as the Cebu Lady Violinist.
Narrative: The video intertwines scenes of Be Mactan’s amenities, delectable food, and picturesque areas with a heartwarming story of family and friends enjoying unforgettable moments at the resort. This orchestration of joyful experiences perfectly aligns with the vibrant music, creating a symphony of memories.
Locations: Filming took place across the breathtaking landscapes of Be Mactan, showcasing the resort’s best offerings and capturing the essence of a tropical paradise.
Our Approach: Staying true to the "Be + Art" theme, we maximized the resort’s beautiful settings, crafted a compelling storyline, and showcased exceptional talents. This video demonstrates our expertise in marrying traditional corporate elements with creative artistry, enhanced by human connections.
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