"15 minutes from now, Ricardo will have the only chance to meet the love of his life. How fun would it be if we mess around and see what happens." - Destiny 
"Dream on Bai" - Studio Inspiro and team were so blessed to grab: Third Best Picture and Best Actor (Romeo Bantugan Jr.) during the Lilas Binisaya Film Festival

TRIVIA: This film was awarded 3rd Best Picture for Lilas Binisaya and the prize was a one term (3 mos) scholarship at the Film and Media Arts International Academy. However, among all the winners, I was the only one who enrolled so the school granted me the full one year scholarship instead.

A Studio Inspiro Film 
Ricardo - Romeo Bantugan Jr. 
James - Isabelito Alota 
Snatcher - Aldrin Baysa 
Tagalog Guy - Arvin Marcos 
Shower Boy - Celso Baraca Jr. 
Lady Driver - Christine Baraca 
Angelica - Pathrese Lei Mari Abejuela 
Sexy Voice - Mary Grace Remo 
Clapper - Aldrin Baysa 
Lights - Kelvin Cabuenas, Daniel Leo Omayan 
Soundman - Arvin Marcos
Make-Up - Jocelyn Alota
Propsmen - Kelvin Cabuenas, Daniel Leo Omayan, Arvin Marcos, Celso Baraca Jr. 
Music Yiruma - Kiss the Rain (Fingerstyle) Ralph Jay Triumfo
Photographer Jan Odivilas 
Creative Consultant Roldan Ardines 
Written and Produced by Celso Baraca 
Assistant Director Kathleen Gail Culala 
Director Hanz Florentino 
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