In the dawn of information age, the best tool for businesses to grow and expand is video. This special video business card for Tita Belen's Emapanda totally kicked-off this specialty pastry business from just small time orders to big corporate partners. 
The video has been utilized as to reach out corporate partners that needs regular supplies in their pantry or canteen, and even event organizers who need delectable snacks for their events.
Directions/Objectives from the Client:
- Homemade/Artisan
- Warm, viewers must feel and taste the empanada while watching
- emphasis on handmade, "made with love"
- Process and recipe was handed down from Tita Belen herself, big emphasis on Tita Belen as her legacy
- Local and SME = approachable, "one of us"
- A presentation material for partner caterers, pantry, suppliers, and distributors
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